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The Sburb Original Soundtrack (OST) is a collaborative musical album put together by members of the Homestuck fandom. It's a theoretical soundtrack to the game "Sburb", with session-nonspecific themes for the various game mechanics and areas.

This is a FREE, UNOFFICIAL ALBUM distributed by torrent and filesharing sites. Feel free to make copies and distribute it as you see fit.

Also, this music is being distributed under a CREATIVE COMMONS BY-NC-SA licence, so feel free to use it for any non-profit projects (such as fan videos or remixes), as long as you credit the original musician. And let us know! We love that stuff!



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Main Album

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Commentary Booklet

Audio Commentary Part 1 (Coming Soon)

Audio Commentary Part 2 (Coming Soon)

Build Theme (Swag Gate) ft. VeritasUnae

Super Unofficial Album SBURB OST Bonus DLC by Avinoch

Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie.

All art and songs belong to original composers and musicians, under a CC BY-NC-SA licence.

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